Friday, February 11, 2011


Families celebrating victory in Tahrir Square

Today marked a moment in history which many, around the world, have been holding their breath for. Hosni Mubarak stepped down, and in so doing, the Egyptian people were liberated from 30 years of tyrannical and dictatorial rule.

The Egyptian Revolution was such an amazing moment in our history. Through it all, the people remained peaceful in their determination, only defending themselves when hit upon. The past 18-days showed the world exactly how a revolution should be played out, with peace, persevering, and determination.

As I watched TV and internet reports for the past 18-days, I felt that this was almost reminiscent of Gandhi's plight for independence from Britain for India. It was done with peace and long-standing. While this did not take as long, the message was an equally strong one.

Sharing determination
The entire Egyptian Revolution showed that people can make a difference without raising a sword or a gun, and without mindless violence. This revolution was intelligent and it was diligent, it was organized and it showed the entire world just how ready the Egyptian people are for change.

We are entering a new era, and what we have witnessed has shown this and will pave a way. This is not only a new era in life for Egypt, but a powerful and strong message to the rest of the world that resolve can truly be met with by peace.

While we will all be watching over the next few weeks and months with what will happen in Egypt, from what I have already read in comments and updates on Facebook and Twitter, the entire world is in complete awe of this momentous occasion and accomplishment.

The Egyptian Revolution started 18-days ago. It took a mere 18-days to oust a dictator who has ruled for 30-years. We saw Tunisia accomplish their goal in 30-days, and now we will watch and see who will be the next country to rise up and create positive change, using the greatest weapons ever created; determination, perseverance, and above all, peace.

Tahrir Square on Day 18, numbers swelled in response to Hosni Mubarak's
speech saying he was stepping aside  but not down. Millions flocked to the
square in continued defiance and in peaceful demonstration calling for Mubarak
to step down and leave. And then, finally, the message sank in and VP Suleiman read a statement that Mubarak had stepped down. The Egyptian Revolution was won.

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