Saturday, February 19, 2011

What YOU Can Do to Help Bahrain!

First, there was Tunisia, and the world listened but did not realise the impact; and then... The entire world stayed glued to their television sets as Egypt took the baton and created an amazing, and peaceful, revolution that lasted 18-days, and finally won.

Now; Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, and other Arab-nations have taken up the cause and are demonstrating peacefully and loudly to gain their own freedoms.


Governments who supported and praised the Egyptians, are now singing a different tune since the wave of revolution and change has hit their shores.

Instead of allowing the people to raise up and act in a God-given freedom, they have instead opened fire and spilled blood, and killed.

Shot in the head while raising arms up in surrender
calling out "Peaceful! Peaceful!" 
Last night, I turned on to watch Anderson Cooper (CNN) and saw my brothers in Bahrain being shot at and laying in the streets with bullet holes, one was shot in the head with blood pouring from his head, covering the street.

These men were not throwing rocks. They did not have any kind of weapons. They were simply marching in peace yelling "Peaceful! Peaceful!", arms up to show their "surrender", exercising a right that every man, woman, and child upon this earth was created to have, "freedom".

But instead of allowing these peaceful demonstrators to march in the ways of Gandhi and exercise a freedom in the act of peaceful uprising, they were viciously mowed down.

When I think of my brothers and sisters living in Bahrain going through what they are going through in the name of freedom, and doing so in a peaceful manner,

My heart aches and shatters.

While I can not do what I desire most... Swoop down and remove the perpetrators to these murders, the leaders who ordered them and have oppressed the people for so many years, the ONLY ACTION I can take, is this:

Tweet the Bahrain Ministry of Interior @moi_bahrain [Bahrain Ministry of Interior] and tell them that they MUST STOP THIS VIOLENCE ON PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS!!!

I tweeted them yesterday and I told them that the WHOLE WORLD WAS watching what was going on and what they were doing to the people and that they must stop.

I live in a country where I have the freedom to express myself, and because I am blessed to live in such a country, I exercise that right... my God-given right, to do so. I do not fear "secret police" coming and grabbing me in the night, or fear torture or even death, for exercising my right.

Do I take that liberty as it is given? Absolutely.

THIS is why it is important that you write... FLOOD the Ministry of Interior with Tweets and let them know that they can NOT shut down progress and human beings natural right to live free! That the world IS watching, and they are being seen for what they truly are. That any semblance of "explanation" or LIES that they are "acting in accordance with the situation at hand" is just that, LIES because we are all seeing them murdering innocent people. These people do not even hold a single rock in their hands, and they are being killed for raising their voices.

Some have asked me "What can I do? I am not there and can not take to the streets." So here is my answer, this is what you can do! Tweet and Facebook and pass the word out, let the blessings of social media work for us and work for our brothers and sisters who are trying so hard to gain the freedoms so many of us take for granted.

While I have been focused mainly on Bahrain in this post, please remember that our brothers and sisters in Libya, Yemin, Algeria, and other areas are also rising up and creating a stir. Libya is creating a media "blitz" in their favour, showing Moamer Kadhafi flanked by supporters as he parades himself down a street. But, look closely and you will see how many children the crowd makes up, and how many of the adults are paid by his government because they work for him. It is a farce, a joke, and his 40 + year rule must end.

Kadhafi's government are trying to stop any real stories and truth from getting out. But, like Egypt, its not working. The marvels of the modern world can't stop it from leaking out. It may trickle, but the trickle has the impact of a tsunami wave.

Our world is changing, social media has created something where we can all take part in this change. So, in this post, I encourage all of you reading, to make a difference, help our brothers and sisters in the Middle East create the change that they need to make and live in the freedom that they all so desire, and that we take for granted.

NOTE: I would suggest any sisters and brothers IN Bahrain DO NOT TWEET the Ministry, for your own safety, but those of us outside, we can write and tell them without fear for our own safety! Let US help our brothers and sisters in Bahrain have the SAME freedoms that we have in simply being able to write to our government and express ourselves without fear of consequence or retribution!

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