Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Nothing is normal in Tripoli."


"Nothing is normal in Tripoli." This was a statement that Anderson Cooper introduced a phone conversation with a woman who has been stuck in her home for five days, terrified to leave the safety of her home. Even then, reports are of Gaddafi's mercenary thugs going from home-to-home kidnapping anyone whom they feel is trying to get word out to the world about the events that are taking place. Kidnapping, and executing innocent people who just want the world to see what is happening and hoping, against all hope, that someone, anyone will see and know, and do something.

The other night, I viewed some horrific photos from a morgue in Libya, and my heart completely broke.

I have been Tweeting and updating like crazy in support of Libya as well as providing updates the moment I hear them. People have asked me "what good can this do for these people?" when I ask to please follow suit.

I will tell you what the "good" is, some of these people do not know if the world is watching, if the world knows, or if the world supports them. Some of them wonder if they are fighting alone.

But the truth is, so many around the world are not only watching, they are protesting in support of, and the entire world is watching closely and caring deeply.

Protesters in South Korea
Nothing happening in the Middle East and Northern Africa, has been about religion, it has been about the most basic of human needs, freedom and democracy. To live without fear, to walk down a street without concern about who is watching, who is hearing, and who is following.

Muammar Gaddafi has been ruling Libya for over 42 years, keeping the people completely oppressed and living in terror.

If anyone has watched his most latest, and bizarre, speeches, one will see that this man is not only deranged, but he presents as one who has severe mental illness. He is unable to keep his eyes focused and he speaks as if he in complete belief of the lies which spew out of his mouth.

Benghazi is under control of the people
The terrifying thing is that someone as deranged as this, is dangerous. He is a mass murderer who has amassed tens of thousands of murders under his belt over the years.

Benghazi has fallen to the people. ALHAMDULILLAH!

Most of Libya is falling inch-by-inch, and the people are raising up.

I can not express the amount of respect and honour I have for the people. To overcome their terror and put aside that fear, facing death with complete abandon in their plight for this most basic of human needs, it shows how this wave of people rising up and taking charge is most powerful and impacting.

Libyan protesters in Japan
I mentioned in a previous blog that a sleeping beast has awoken and it will not rest until it's end goal is reached, and we are seeing this more and more in countries like Libya and Bahrain. Iran and Yemen are also bubbling under the surface, they are activating, and they are watching closely. Once Libya completely topples and is freed from the grips of a complete lunatic and his family and cronies, it will only forge this tsunami wave of change stronger and more forceful.

Gandhi said very poignantly "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win." We have seen this in country after country, to be true. Peaceful demonstrators have toppled tyrannical regimes, and it goes to the old adage that good will always out-win and outlast evil.

Funeral of a Libyan Protester
In Tahrir Square it was said "fear has been defeated, there's no turning back" which Anderson Cooper quoted over and over during the days in Egypt, and now we are seeing this in Libya.

The people no longer have that same fear. They simply don't care anymore for anything other than the end goal of ridding themselves of Gaddafi and enjoying a life of freedom and democracy.

If you are reading this post, please take a moment to reflect on your own feelings. If you are not quite aware of what is going on, turn on the news, Google, turn on to Al Jazeera (English) and watch a live stream online. And then, tweet, update on Facebook, change your Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc profile photo to something reflecting your support of Libya and Libyans, speak about it among your peers, involve yourself, because it DOES make a difference. It IS impacting. Don't do this for Gaddafi to hear and hope that it will make a difference with him, because it won't do a thing if that is the reason. Do it for the people. Do it to educate because the more we ALL get involved and we EACH keep it alive, it WILL filter back over there. And it will empower the countries that a bubbling under the surface.

Now is the time in our lives where it is our moral duty as human beings to stand up and stand out to help create a difference, and yes, even in your small corner of the Universe, YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

We MUST stand together with our brothers and sisters who are out in the streets dying. I have posted a couple of the photos I viewed from the Libyan morgue here, not to glamorize them, but to impact you and reach you deep inside to turn to action. This is real and it is horrific that these dictators have no qualms about killing their own people. So now, we, citizens of the world and members of the entire human family, must act, stand up and do our part to help.

democracy, and regime change.

As'salaam alaikum / Peace be upon you.

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